Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement

* Promote football in the Lynwood and surrounding suburbs for the competitive and social needs of our membership.

* Give opportunities to all members to develop to their full potential.

* Play football with a competitive spirit and good sportmanship.

* To be for one and all to keep the diversity of our community.

Our Vision

* Continue to develop our infrastructure incorporating our facilities agreement, membership and promotion of football within the area.

* Provide the highest quality development for all players, officials and volunteers.

* Football shall be coached, played & supported at junior, amateur men’s & ladies’ levels to better the spirit of the game, encourage the broadest possible community & family participation & embrace an all in positive club environment.

Our Values

* Lynwood United FC shall promote a respectful & responsible culture amongst all members.

* Lynwood United FC shall be a safe, inclusive & accountable club for children, young people, and men & women to come to.

Our Objectives

* Opportunity for all coaches, players & members of Lynwood United FC to develop to their own potential.

* Continue to promote the positive culture and leadership on & off the football pitch at Lynwood United FC.

* Continue to promote a strong community spirit with an environment for positive role modeling for young people.

* To be a sought after football club for player development with benchmark measures in place at Lynwood United FC in all aspects of coaching, junior and senior development and competent club administration.