The Equal Footingball Division (EFD) provides an inclusive environment for players with ages ranging from nine to adult with a competitive disadvantage, such as a physical or intellectual disability, to get started in sport. The competition allows community members to fully participate in club activities and experience the game as others do. It is designed for players who may have difficulty playing a full-size game at full speed. There are only seven clubs in Western Australia currently providing this opportunity to differently abled individuals in their community, and the competition offers three divisions:

EFD Division 1   
(age 14+ for the most advanced players, especially those seeking to represent their state or country and progress into stronger levels of competition)

EFD Division 2   
(age 12+ with an emphasis on experienced players improving skill, game awareness and physical capability at their own pace)

EFD Division 3
(age 9+ with emphasis on fun and learning for beginners and players improving skill, speed and agility)


  • Players need to be able to move unassisted around a small pitch, with concession for walking aids.
  • Insurance considerations may differ for injuries players have previously suffered.
  • Coaching and support staffs are volunteers only and take a zero tolerance stance to abuse.

For more information about Equal Footingball at Lynwood United FC, please contact Kym James on 0403 796 994, or email the Club directly at

2020 Division 1Premiers
2020 Division 2 Runner Up
2019 Division 1 Premiers
2019 Division 2 Premiers